Welcome to the Safaribookers management team?

Safaribookers is managed by a small team of experienced safari hands.  Based in the United Kingdom and Africa we are in conatant contact with all facets of the safari industry and frequently visit the safari lodges, camps and operators featured on Safaribookers.  We are supported by a team of amazing independent safari specialists - visit Safari Guild Advisory Board

CEO/Founder - Henry Hallward - ran safaris in Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana in the 1990's.  In 1991 he drove the length of Africa with his wife Georgina working for a wildlife conservation organisation.  Whilst travelling he decided to become safari guide operating mobile and walking safaris in southern Africa.  In 1999, when his two daughters needed to go to school, he returned to the United Kingdom and served as a Director of the African Travel & Tourism Association for 8 years, the last 2 as Chairman.  In 2008 Henry co-founded The Safari Awardsand The Safari Guild.  Henry still leads safaris through Africa every year and has a 'bush home' on the banks of the Luangwa River adjacent the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

Product Manager - Fi Culligan- owned and operated a safari lodge/camp marketing and representation business in Kenya having worked for many of the safari operators, safari lodges and camps in Kenya before moving to the United Kingdom.  With experience in all sectors she worked for a safari specialist tour operator in the United Kingdom and joined The Safari Guild in 2008.  Fi manages the Safari Guild membership, decides which safari lodges/camps and operators are on Safaribookers and ensures the smooth running of the websites. 

Product Manager - Clair Mathews-Crawfordwas born in the United Kingdom and married into one of Kenya's 'safari dynasties', the Mathews family.  Outfitting safaris for many years with her husband she gained first-hand experience of operating safaris.  Following her late husband's death she moved to the United States continuing to work with safari specialists managing bookings and designing safaris.  Armed with a 360 degree view oif the safari industry she started working with The Safari Guild in 2010.  Clair is now based back in Kenya and is responsible for our partners and members in Africa.  

Social Media Manager - Natasha Page-Woodgrew up in Namibia and is now based in Ireland.  Natasha maintains the Safari Awards Facebookand Twitter 

Finance Manager - Trevor Walkeris based in the United Kingdom but has been on safari to Africa.  Trevor runs his own financial management services business, Trevor walker Associates and is contracted to manage the finances for The Safari Guild.   

Tech Manager - Iain Macdonaldis based in the United Kingdom and is responsible for all of our websites.  running his own business, Hand Print Web DesignIain has worked with The Safari Guild from 2008.  From website design to server management he is our 'tech guy'.  

To contact any of the management team please visit the Contact Uspage